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CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy 7500 Mercy Rd, Omaha, NE 68124


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Prepared Childbirth Class Saturday - CUMC Bergan

This class is a condensed version of our Series class and it meets one time. It covers information about the stages of labor, medications, epidurals,...

2/4 9am
Breastfeeding Class - CUMC Bergan Mercy

This course covers many aspects of breastfeeding and is designed to help expectant mothers have a successful start. Breastfeeding advantages, skin to skin...

2/9 6:30pm
Advanced Relaxation Techniques - CUMC Bergan

This is a course designed for expectant parents seeking non-medicated options for childbirth. Mom and coach will learn breathing techniques, relaxation...

2/21 6:30pm
New Parent Class - CUMC Bergan Mercy

This class discusses newborn procedures and appearance, car seat safety, choosing a doctor and child care, and SIDS prevention. Class fee includes you and a...

2/23 6:30pm
CUMC Bergan - Maternity Center Tour for Expectant Parents

This is a free tour designed for expectant parents to become familiar with our award-winning care and what to expect upon arrival at our hospital for the...

3/2 6pm

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